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Interior house painting is very unique. This is the space you share with your friends, family and neighbors. This is where having good custom painters pays for itself and that’s where we come in. With our skilled painters, we can quickly and efficiently transform any living area or space. We take pride in our work by using top quality paint from all manufacturers and offering you any sheen in any color choice, so that you can create a space that is unique and personal to you. If you find yourself having trouble bringing your vision to life, we are even happy to give free advice on color choices! When you’re ready for something new and unique to you, give us a call.


Buying a house is most often times your largest investment. Maintaining the exterior of your home by painting and pressure washing not only adds beauty and curb appeal, but it also adds protection to the outside of your house. Before starting any exterior project, a key component to a successfully painted house is to make sure that all surfaces that are to be painted are  thoroughly washed and rid of all dirt and mildew along with scraping, spot priming and puttying. We offer sprayed, rolled and even brushed finishes so that you choose an option that best suites you and your style.  Using all of this attention to detail, high quality paints, along with our skilled craftsman will result in the best and longest lasting protection that your home deserves. Don’t forget! We also offer deck and fence staining and sealing, driveway and walkway sealing and light carpentry repair. What can we paint for you?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

This changes EVERYTHING. Cabinet and vanity painting is a very precise procedure that provides a finish that has only previously been seen by factories up until now. Anybody can slap paint on a cabinet; but for a factory-like finish you need specialized paint, equipment and skilled craftsmen who are versed in these procedures. That is exactly where we come in. This is a cost and time effective way to transform your cabinets with most of our cabinet jobs taking only three days to complete and it costing only a fraction compared to replacing. You will have any number of opportunities to change your space with our specialty paints ability to be tinted to almost any color.   This will be the single most drastic and quickest change you will ever see for your kitchen or bathroom and you will be amazed! 


Furniture Painting

Ok, this is where it gets fun and crafty. Do you have an older piece of furniture that you love but it doesn’t fit the style of your space anymore? Have you ever seen a fun piece at a yard sale but didn’t like the color? We can change all of that. We have perfected a system using a precise preparation protocol, specialty paint and equipment,  and skilled craftsman to help you turn your piece of indoor or outdoor furniture into exactly what you need to complete your style. To help you create the exact look that you want, our paints offer a wide variety of sheens that range from low luster to an extreme gloss as well as any color. Our services also include polishing or painting hardware as well as faux glazing or stressing.      In most cases, we have found older furniture is well built and worth restoring or refinishing and we want to make that process as fast and simple as possible.  Most furniture can be priced through pictures and email so we can save you time and effort and with our white glove pick up and delivery every Friday, it’s never been easier than now. Give us a call and we can show you how much a freshly painted piece of furniture can make you love your space even more.

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